#Herbal Ting Talk

Sis, Let's talk for a sec about herbal infusions...

So you wanna make you own herbal tinctures and oils for natural hair and body care products? 

There are a few ways in which you can achieve this. 

1. Cold Infusion (my personal favorite) which can take 4-6 weeks so requires patience. All of our intention based herbal elixirs and products are made in this manner and are of course infused with reiki energy, love and magic :). Which is why we produce in #smallbatches according to the Lunar cycles (approximately every 4 weeks/28 days). 


2. Heat Infusion which is exactly what it sounds like :) by using a double boiler or an industrial herbal oil infuser

You would need to choose your oil of preference.  I like to use different oils depending on which product I am creating but some of my favorites for hair are coconut oil/avocado/olive/argan for massage, skin, and nail products. I personally like sweet almond, golden jojoba, or grapeseed oil.  Then you would use your favorite industrial herbal oil infuser ( I use the LEVO II or a double boiler to achieve perfect herbal oil elixirs. 

TIP: what you want is steam heat NOT direct heat -- direct heat will burn your herbs which is no bueno ;) use a good quality oil or candy thermometer to gage your temps.

Of Note: You don't have to be a chemist but it would be helpful if you had some knowledge about the smoking point for your oil of preference. This will help you avoid a smoke disaster. Google if you don't know. 

Be patient. Try, try again if you don't yield your desired result place your custom herbal oil order with us :) 

I've seen and am aware of other "folk" methods for achieving herbal infused oils - (cheesecloth method, brown paper bag, sun tea methods  e.g) and I'm not knocking them and I'm sure they also work as I know many have been used successfully by our ancestors for centuries, but since we all have modern technology and the luxury of heat the two methods above are the only ones I'd recommend and ever use for products I intend to sell. 

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